Ethics Channel

Ethics Channel

Structure of our Integrity Program

Our program is composed of six pillars, as shown in the description to the side:

  • 1

    Commitment and Support from senior management and responsible authority

  • 2

    Compliance Risk Management

  • 3

    Training and Awareness

  • 4

    Policies and Controls

  • 5

    Code and Ethics Channel

  • 6

    Continuity and Sustainability

Learn more about the code of ethics and conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is available to all audiences, our professionals, customers, suppliers and the community in general. Its purpose is to be a guide, helping in moments of doubt.

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Find out more about key internal policies

Tigre's main internal policies that must be observed as they are related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct and to this channel are:

Complaint Flow

Ethics and Compliance Committee

The Ethics and Compliance Committee values the preparation, conduct and adjustments to the Tigre Group's Integrity Program. It is an auxiliary body for advising and supporting the Board of Directors of Tigre S/A Participações, having a consultative, purposeful and informative character, in addition to being responsible for supervising the Integrity Program and the Compliance team of Tigre's Group.

Ethics Channel

The Ethics Channel is a tool for reporting exemplary practices and incorrect behavior that are in disagreement with Tigre's internal policies and Code of Ethics and Conduct, or with national and international legislation to which we are subject.

Safe Contact

Integrity Program

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