WYE Fitting (slip x slip x slip)

WYE Fitting (slip x slip x slip)

  • Technical specifications
Part Number Size Bag Box Price Class
46 9877-020 2" - 8 8
46 9877-040 4" - 2 8
46 9877-060 6" - 1 8

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  • 46 CPVC has the chemical-resistant properties of PVC, but has additional chlorine to reduce reaction to heat and retain its mechanical strength at high temperatures. Material is CPVC 23447-B Gray. Maximum temperature rating is 180 degree F. PSI ratings are at 73 degrees F. Derate 23 % at 100 degrees F and 50% at 140 degrees F. Not recommended for compressed air or gas systems. Ratings are 50% less for threaded fittings and nipples.

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